Nature Sights in Abuja

Jabi Lake

This Lake is very close to Nordic Villa and is found at Alex Ekuwueme Way, Jabi, west of the city centre. It is open to visitors from 8am to 7pm daily. The most fascinating activity is the lakeshore walk which is lined with clumps of bamboo, making it a great spot for picnics and evening strolls. There is also the availability of tour boats available for trips round the lake for a great view.

Millennium Park

This park is Located at Shehu Shagari Way, Central Business District, open from7am- 8pm daily. It occupies a vast stretch of land in the middle of the town and offers a good view of distant of hills and the Aso rock. Fantastic hillside water feature which cools the air and children play area.

Gurara Falls

This spectacular fall is located along the Suleja-Minna road, Niger State, and approximately 100m from Abuja. Interestingly, it has a fall span of 200m across and a drop of 30m. Exciting feature to visit, as there are areas available to swim in the dry season.

Zuma Rock

Also called the “Gateway to Abuja”, this rock is a 725m above sea level monolith situated along the Abuja- Kaduna Road, Niger State.  The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) begins at its base. Most captivating is the picture of a person’s face that seems to naturally occur in it. Visit tours could be covered in a day trip.

Aso Rock

This 400m above sea level monolith that was left by water erosion. It is found in Asokoro, East of the city and also the largest rock formation in close proximity to the city. ‘Aso’ in the local language of the Asokoro people means ‘victory’ and thus, it is a symbol of strength and power. The rock has some caves within the structure which can be visited by tourists with the permission of the Local Priest. It is also worth noting that the Aso people used to take refuge in the cave during inter-tribal wars.

Circles Garden

This garden is located at Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama (North of Abuja) across the road from the Dune Centre. Open from 5pm to 1am daily, this garden is the largest fish garden and settles in the valley of Aguiyi Ironsi Street.

Durban Street Neighbourhood Park

This Park is situated on Durban Street, off Kir Mohammad Way, downhill from the Federal Secretariat, Central Business District. It is Open 7am to 7pm daily, and a popular venue for weekend weddings and children parties. It also has a VIP restaurant, oriented Express Takeaway and a covered bar.