Getting Around in Abuja

When getting around in Abuja, we advise you to hire a car for the day. We will be happy to assist you in finding a good car and driver that can take you around Abuja.

Should you chose to find your own way, we advise you to always take a green taxi with white stripes during your stay in Abuja and make sure to negotiate before getting in the taxi. Be aware that many of the green cars are quite old and might not live up to your private standards of a car. The prices are between 300 – 800 Naira depending on the length of the trip. Learn more about transportation here.

Coming to Abuja for the first time you will experience many interesting things, see scenarios you probably would not see in your home country and hear words you have not heard before. Whether you choose a hired car or a green taxi you should always be cautious when photographing – especially official buildings, officials or the like. A rule of thumb is to ask before photographing to be on the safe side. Like the most of us, European, American, Asian or African, we all like seeing our picture, so another rule of thumb is to ask if the person you have photographed wants to see the picture. Nigerians are lovely people and are very friendly, so don’t worry.

Cultural Differences

A little knowledge does not take up any space in your suitcase, so reading up on Nigerian business and social habits is time well spent in order to avoid any misunderstandings if you come from a culture which is very different from Nigeria. In general, Nigeria is a fantastically interesting country with 3 large ethnicities. Igbo (south-east), Hausa (north) and Yoruba (south west). The country is predominantly Christian and Muslim. Nigerians are very polite people and formal when they meet others. Be prepared and take your time when greeting someone. Ask about the person’s health as well as his/her family’s health.
English is the first language for most Nigerians, but pidgin English is widely used and can be difficult to understand. Any major cultural differences can of course lead to embarrassing and unnecessary situations which can be avoided with a little prior knowledge.

In Case of Theft

One of the most common crimes experienced by travellers around the world is bag snatching and the theft of cash/credit cards etc. Unfortunately, Abuja is no exception. Pickpockets often work in groups in crowded areas like the open markets where we do not advise you to go.

Should you experience the unfortunate situation of getting robbed, stay as calm as possible and do as you are told. Hand over your money and any other valuables without protesting. If you have been robbed, you should contact your country’s embassy or consulate in Abuja as soon as possible. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out:

Nordic Villa Abuja: +234 909 677 6766
Nordic Hotel Abuja: +234 809 994 4480

Medical Care

Always keep your medication in its original packaging to avoid any misunderstandings at border controls when arriving in Abuja. It may be worth keeping a card in your wallet with your personal medical details, such as any medical conditions, your blood type and who is responsible for any medical costs. If you wear glasses, it is also a good idea to bring a copy of your eyesight prescription in case you need to buy new glasses during your stay.


Several doctors including a pediatrician, Dr Nadia
Facilities for X-Ray, electro-cardiogram (ECG), blood tests etc.
Address: Plot 501, Bangui St., Wuse II, Abuja
(Just across the street from Amigo’s Supermarket)
Phone number: 0813-8832650 or 0709-8705693


Address: Plot 132, Central District (Phase III) Airport Road
P.M.B. 425, Garki, Abuja (Near New US Embassy Building)
Phone number: Dr. Audu 0803 7209 631/ Dr. Olaomi 0805-7768565 (also for Ambulances)


Specialists: General medicine, Tropical medicine, recommended for malaria testing
Address: Plot 1021, B 5 Shehu Yaradua Way – Opposite Federal Ministry of Works Utako District (it is on the main road to Julius Berger Life Camp- just north of Wuse Market)


Modern Turkish hospital, with very modern facilities. *Recommended*
Address: Plot 113, Sector S. Cadastral Zone, Life Camp
Phone number: 0929-15173 or 0929-15174 or 0929-15175


Small but Clean Clinic
Address: 23, Sfax Street, Wuse 4, Abuja
Phone number: 0805-1822822


Don’t trust every pharmacy or drugstore you see. There are a lot of fake medicines and drugstore products being sold everywhere. These are the most reliable places to go to:


Opening hours: Daily 10am-9pm
Address: 264, Tafawa Balewa Way, Central Business District


Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 9:00-18:00. Closed on Sundays
Address: Wuse 2, Abuja near For4 Supermarket