Environmental Obligations

The Nordic region of Europe is known for its green policies and renewable energy. All matters that help to create a better environment for the entire world. At Nordic Hotels Nigeria we continually work to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We want to work for a better environment.

We wash all our bed linens ourselves. This reduces our emissions of carbon dioxide since we do not need to transport the linen to another laundry. We use less detergent and apply new, chemical-free cleaning methods. More than 70 percent of our chemicals have an eco-label. Furthermore, we encourage our guests to use the towels for several days instead of changing them each day.

In hot cities as Abuja and Lagos air-condition is a necessity. We do run on air conditions, but we turn them off whenever possible to save energy. Besides we have the most energy saving air conditions in the market.

At our hotel in Lagos, we have solar panels on the roof, both to reduce the dependency of energy from generators and to establish a more secure and stable energy supply. Across all three hotels, we only use LED bulbs to save electricity.

In all of our three locations, we recycle plastic bottles and metal cans.

We are always looking for more opportunities to improve our environmental footprint, so along the way, you will see more initiatives since this is of high importance to us.